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Inkjet Vs. Laser: A Printer Ink Debate

When it comes to printers, it’s best to look to the great William Shakespeare when he famously wrote, “To inkjet or to laser – that is the question.” How the Bard knew about modern printers at the turn of the 17th century is a mystery that still puzzles scholars to this day, but it is a dilemma that you will certainly face when gearing up to buy your own device. If your chief reason for purchasing one is to print out photos that you’ve been…

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Hidden Cambodian Cities Discovered With Lasers

Lasers are pretty impressive. See: any sci-fi movie from the 70s. But here in modern times, and in real life, archaeologists in Cambodia just found a way to use them to discover lost cities. The Temples of Angkor Wat is one of the foremost archaeological sites in Southeast Asia, and using airborne laser scanning technology, archaeologists were able to scan an area of more than 734 square miles. They uncovered multiple cities, some that were roughly 900 to 1,400 years old, and some that are…

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A Classic James Bond Gadget Is Now a Reality

The futuristic tools James Bond uses are the pinnacle of spy cool, and if you think it would be awesome to own something from Bond’s collection, you might be able to pretty soon. Patrick Priebe and his company Laser Gadgets created the Bond-inspired LaserWatch which is, of course, a watch with a built-in laser. The carbon fibre watch has a 1,500-miliwatt blue laser that its battery can sustain for five to ten minutes. Priebe hasn’t started selling his LaserWatch yet, but they’ll run for more…

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