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Understanding SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are the backbone of all your search engine optimization efforts. They are the most likely words someone will type in when they have questions that hopefully your content can help them answer. Keywords that work show that you and your readers or customers are aligned. Aside from relating to your users, SEO keywords can also help you outshine the competition, and push you up in Google’s search results. The three biggest mistakes people make when choosing their SEO keywords are only researching keywords once,…

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URLs & SEO: 6 Strategies You Need To Know

{{unknown}}At the core of every piece of content, not matter what it is about or how it is formatted internally, is the URL. A type of Uniform Resource Identifier, and otherwise known simply as a web address, the URL is seen everywhere and can have a major impact on the performance of any given piece of content. While a website’s domain URL will always remain the same, for every new article, recipe, blog post, or photo album you publish onto your site there will be…

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