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Instagram Introduces New Comment Filters

For all the good that social media does — connecting friends around the globe, raising awareness of important social issues, among much more — there remain persistent drawbacks associated with each platform that affect some users more than others. More often than not, high-profile users of Instagram and Twitter, will find themselves on the receiving end of spam and flat-out hate speech from Internet trolls at some point. You may recall when the comedian Leslie Jones, who recently starred in the reboot of Ghostbusters, briefly quit Twitter this summer…

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Cloud Computing Is Becoming A Standard For Businesses

Computer data storage used to be more tangible. All your files and programs would be stored on your computer and if you ran out of gigabytes, then you could get additional hard drives. Nowadays, with the advent of cloud computing, physical hard drives for storage seems like such a quaint idea. No longer do you need to have bulky external hard drives taking up space – all of your files can be stored remotely, but where you can still gain quick access. This may all…

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SEO: What Is It and What Do You Need To Know?

When you search for something on Google, how deep into the results do you actually go? If you’re like most people, probably not past the first page – hell, you may even just stop after the first few suggestions. That’s the way of the Internet – for people to find what they want, as fast as possible. So if you have services to offer online and want users to know about it, how do you compete? That’s what SEO is all about. It’s an acronym…

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Never Run Out of Coffee Again with Amazon’s Dash Button

Amazon has made life easier by giving customers the ability to have almost anything delivered right to their door just a day or so after ordering it. The company isn’t satisfied with that level of convenience though. Amazon’s new Dash Button in conjunction with the Dash Replacement Service is a one-touch way to order common household goods so that you never run out again. The Dash Button is an oval shaped button that is about as long as a toothpick. Its designed to be placed…

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Touchscreen Coffee Tables to be Hub of Connected Home

{{unknown}}In our age of rapidly developing technology one trend that is predicted is the advent of the connected home. This refers to a home where everything from your fridge to your coffee table is connected through the internet. This future is not far off. Ideum’s Platform 46 and Platform 32 Multitouch coffee tables are touchscreen coffee tables that can act as the hub of a connected home. Each table has a 60 touch point screen, integrated Intel Quad Core i7 Processor, and aluminum base. They…

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