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Instagram Introduces New Comment Filters

For all the good that social media does — connecting friends around the globe, raising awareness of important social issues, among much more — there remain persistent drawbacks associated with each platform that affect some users more than others. More often than not, high-profile users of Instagram and Twitter, will find themselves on the receiving end of spam and flat-out hate speech from Internet trolls at some point. You may recall when the comedian Leslie Jones, who recently starred in the reboot of Ghostbusters, briefly quit Twitter this summer…

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Get More Creative Mobile Pics With the Enlight App

We all know about the powers of social media. Besides connecting us to friends and family, sites like Instagram and Facebook can connect us to a new network; that’s why both bloggers and eCommerce businesses alike have social media as part of their marketing services. Instagram is quickly becoming the social media platform of choice, but with 75 million photos shared each day, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd whether you’re a blogger, freelance photographer/graphic designer or business. Have you noticed…

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Instagram Is No Longer Limited To Square Format

For many, one of the most frustrating aspects about the massively popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, was the size restrictions that it imposed on its users’ photos. Instagram was notorious for only allowing users to upload square-shaped pics, making it impossible to fit long, panoramic shots into the app’s small frame. The restrictive square shape made it especially difficult for certain types of photos popular amongst the social media-generation— such as long landscapes with breathtaking views, or group shots with multiple friends — to be displayed in their entirety.…

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Show Henry’s How You Celebrate #BackToSchool In Their Latest Facebook Contest

Whether you’re a young student returning to school, going to university, or even getting ready to head back to work,  September is the perfect time to get organized and inspired. To celebrate the start of a new academic year, Henry’s is holding a #BackToSchool contest until September 30th and giving out two must-have prizes for fall: the Vanguard Havana 41 Backpack and Vanguard VEO AM-234 4-Section Monopod. To enter the contest, simply upload a photo that shows how you or your family mark the beginning of the back-to-school season. Current…

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