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World’s First ATM That Can Recognize Your Face

For years, the only line of defense against someone accessing the entirety of your bank account and all of your savings has been a simple 4-digit PIN. Armed with your bank card and this tiny piece of information, anyone could go to an ATM, access your funds, and leave you in a very unfortunate financial situation. China has found an answer to this prevalent bank-safety issue, with an ATM that utilizes facial recognition. The first of its kind in the world, the independently-made ATM developed…

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Wake Up to Your Favourite Fragrance with the SensorWake

Everyone hates getting up in the morning, but the process is harder for some than it is for others. If you hate the sound of an alarm in the morning or the radio isn’t enough to get you going, then you should think about trying the SensorWake. The SensorWake, invented by Guillaume Rolland, is a revolutionary alarm clock. Instead of waking up to the sound of an annoying buzz, the SensorWake wakes you up with your favourite aroma. The creators of the device believe that…

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Google has begun testing driver-less cars

Picture this: a car on the road that has no gas pedal or steering wheel. This is exactly what the latest prototype of Google’s “self-driving” car entails.  An upgrade from last May’s model, this car can independently sense what’s happening on the road, and drive and brake accordingly. However, since the car doesn’t have air bags and other federally mandated safety features, it can’t drive faster than 40 km/hr and is currently limited to areas mapped by Google. It’s also electric, meaning that after every 128 km…

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Smartphone Payment Using Your Eyes

Japanese smartphone allows payment via your eyes

You may think it’s cool to be able to pay for things with your fingerprints, a simple tap or a flick of your wrist, but people in Japan have taken this ability to a whole new level. In Japan, people are now paying for things with their eyes. Yes, you did read that correctly. Japanese telecommunications company, NTT Docomo, unveiled this latest ability as part of their 2015 summer lineup.  The phone – the Arrows NX F-04G – is the device that allows for eye…

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Charge All Devices at Once with the Flex Charger

In 2015, I think we all understand how annoying it can be to try and find enough space and outlets to charge all of our smart devices at home or at the office. Luckily, this first world problem has a solution – the Flex Charger. This great invention acts like a docking station to hold and charge your smart devices in one area. You can place your device in the Flex Charger’s retractable tray to get power immediately and to protect it from damage –…

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Touchscreen Coffee Tables to be Hub of Connected Home

{{unknown}}In our age of rapidly developing technology one trend that is predicted is the advent of the connected home. This refers to a home where everything from your fridge to your coffee table is connected through the internet. This future is not far off. Ideum’s Platform 46 and Platform 32 Multitouch coffee tables are touchscreen coffee tables that can act as the hub of a connected home. Each table has a 60 touch point screen, integrated Intel Quad Core i7 Processor, and aluminum base. They…

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NASA and Nissan Team Up To Build Self-Driving Cars

Last week, NASA and Nissan announced they will be joining forces in an effort to develop a self-driving car, not just for city driving, but also for space travel. NASA, who has been sending  vehicles to Mars for years, is a leader in this kind of innovation. But, those vehicles aren’t very autonomous, so it seems they have a few things to learn from Nissan, a company that is approaching self-driving cars a little differently from its competitors. Google just took out a 60-year lease…

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Chevrolet Created A New Way to Render Vehicles

If you’ve ever seen a car commercial (who hasn’t?), you know that prototypes for vehicles are typically made with clay. They can also be made with wood or metal, and once they are put together, it can be a laborious process to make last minute, little changes. Chevrolet is hoping to change that with their new 4K UHD PowerWall, a 240 square-foot glass screen that Christie Mirage 4K25 DLP 3D projectors shine a 2D or 3D computer image on. Eight work stations can edit this…

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The Xoo Belt Keeps Your Phone Charged and Your Pants Up

{{unknown}}British company Nifty has invented a new product, the Xoo Belt, which  carries flexible batteries that can charge your smartphone on the go. Of course, the belt will also keep your pants cinched around your waist. The Xoo Belt contains 2,100 mAh of battery capacity. That is split between a 1,300 mAh lithium ceramic polymer flexible battery between the two layers of leather, and a 800 mAh battery in the buckle. A mini-USB cable is attached to the belt via magnets. When you want to…

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