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Five Uses For Virtual Reality That Aren’t Gaming

Virtual reality is getting crazy realistic, and it’s getting more accessible to the average consumer, thanks to headsets like Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. With developments happening so fast in the industry, they’ll only get more impressive and more affordable. And if you think virtual reality isn’t for you because you’re not into video games, think again. Virtual reality can make lots of other tasks and industries more interesting, and here are a few examples of that. The News Every single publication in the…

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New Selfie Phone And “Go Pro Lite” Camera From HTC To Be Released This Year

{{unknown}}Photo credit – PC Mag Cameras and cellphones have become inextricably intertwined pieces of hardware, to the point that no self-respecting smartphone can come without at least two camera. Having a camera in your phone is a requirement of the modern situation, where taking Instagram pics and selfies are a daily activity. HTC knows how much we all love to be self-indulgent and photograph ourselves and everything we see, so they’re launching a phone and new piece of equipment designed to propagate our vanity. The…

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