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Never Run Out of Coffee Again with Amazon’s Dash Button

Amazon has made life easier by giving customers the ability to have almost anything delivered right to their door just a day or so after ordering it. The company isn’t satisfied with that level of convenience though. Amazon’s new Dash Button in conjunction with the Dash Replacement Service is a one-touch way to order common household goods so that you never run out again. The Dash Button is an oval shaped button that is about as long as a toothpick. Its designed to be placed…

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Touchscreen Coffee Tables to be Hub of Connected Home

{{unknown}}In our age of rapidly developing technology one trend that is predicted is the advent of the connected home. This refers to a home where everything from your fridge to your coffee table is connected through the internet. This future is not far off. Ideum’s Platform 46 and Platform 32 Multitouch coffee tables are touchscreen coffee tables that can act as the hub of a connected home. Each table has a 60 touch point screen, integrated Intel Quad Core i7 Processor, and aluminum base. They…

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The Misfit Bolt is a Wirelessly Controlled Smart Bulb

{{unknown}}Setting the right mood lighting at your dinner party just got a whole lot more interesting with the Misfit Bolt. This wirelessly controlled smart bulb can become over a million different colors, and it is all controlled easily through a smartphone app. The Misfit Bolt has a range of uses. There is an alarm feature that allows you to wake up to a warm sunrise each morning. A cool blue light can be chosen for studying and concentration. You can  even have the app create…

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