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Enhance Your Photos with Henry’s Learning Lab

Are your photos not coming out the way you envisioned? Even if you have the best composition, if your photos are missing that extra oomph, it could be because you’re not using photography software.  Whether you take photos in your free time or are a freelance photographer, it’s important to understand how photography software works, so you can create your best possible work. From colour to tone to formatting, photography editing programs can enhance your photos so that they’re the best they can be. If…

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How To Master Your New Canon Camera Through The Henry’s Learning Lab

Getting into photography isn’t as easy as simply buying a camera. Yes, that is an essential element, but just because you’ve purchased a new digital camera doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll know how to use it. Let’s say you bought a new top-of-the-line Canon camera. You may be able to point and click to take photos, of course, but you probably won’t know how to use half of the camera’s features and functions if you’re new to photography. The intricacies of digital photography, the methods, and…

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