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This Man-Made Leaf Could Be The Answer To The World’s Energy Needs

As ingenious as the human mind can be, sometimes the most innovative of ideas are already around us. Take the rather outstanding process of photosynthesis, a plant’s ability to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, for example. Entirely natural and totally green (pun intended), photosynthesis is the kind of natural process humans should try and mimic when it comes to our own energy needs. And that’s exactly what a team of chemists and biologists working out of Harvard University have done. But instead of simply recreating…

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Japan To Build World’s Largest Floating Solar Panel Plant

No matter what, a country is limited to its size. Simply put, if there’s a limited amount of space in a nation, only a certain amount of skyscrapers, infrastructure projects, and homes can be built. Even environmentally-friendly, beneficial building projects need room to be built, no matter the benefits. So for a country like Japan, one that boasts a rather large population in relation to its landmass, space is something of an issue. Modernly, Japan is somewhat restricted when it comes to building new and…

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Solar Panels Can Now Create Energy Through Raindrops

It’s hard to argue against the usefulness and utility of solar power panels. An entirely renewable source of energy, solar power provides clean energy that doesn’t harm the earth with almost no work done, as panels simply take in the sun’s rays and turn it into electricity. Criticizers of solar power, many of whom no doubt have a bias towards the use of fossil fuels, will always bring up one major drawback to the use of solar panels: under poor weather conditions, they’re almost useless.…

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The WindChill: A Portable & Electric-Less Refrigerator Inspired By Nature

Those lucky enough to own a fridge definitely take the technology for granted. Just think what life would be like without a food refrigeration unit. You’d never be able to preserve a meal’s lifetime and constantly worry if any food you own is fit to eat. On the flip-side, try to put yourself in the shoes of those in poorer countries who never have access to a refrigerator or like modern conveniences. Unlike us, poorer populations in developing nations can’t just grab a meal from…

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