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RCMP able to hack into phones using Stingray device

Ever since Edward Snowden famously revealed what the NSA has been up to behind closed doors, privacy advocates have been raising concerns about the government’s ability to access our personal information.  Now, new revelations add fuel to the fire: court documents state that the RCMP has secretly hacked into Canadians’ cell phones in a number of crime cases. This information was revealed last week, after a judge removed a publication ban that was placed on the case of Salvatore (Sal the Ironworker) Montagna. Sal, who was…

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Canadian Government Looking To Help Tech Entrepreneurs

It’s a question that all budding tech entrepreneurs have in the back of their minds: how can a small tech startup eventually become a dominating presence in the industry? This is what the federal government is currently studying. Helping the country’s tech startups become globally successful businesses would offer an invaluable boost to the Canadian economy. A fall report produced by the economic think-tank, Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship and Economic Performance, found that tech startups pose a number of present and future benefits. Not only could these companies…

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Apple calls out governmental powers in UK bill

It’s not very often that we see technology and politics closely intertwined. But if there’s any technology company powerful enough to influence political decisions, it’s Apple. The company recently weighed in on the UK government’s investigatory powers bill, which was presented to the House of Commons last month. Apple’s submission to the bill committee was released on Monday, and revealed the company’s fears that the bill would weaken the security of millions of citizens’ personal data. Apple’s statement evidently prioritizes the security and rights of its customers over the possibility…

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