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Google To Unveil AdWords Redesign This Month

For businesses around the world, Google AdWords is a major marketing tool, offering a means for search engine users to find a company’s website before the competition. At a price, of course. But while advertisers compete for their ad copies to be seen by search engine users, with results based on cookies and keywords, Google AdWords remains invaluable for both fledgling and well-established businesses when it comes to SEO and digital advertising strategies. The online advertising service is getting an upgrade, however, one that aims…

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How To Use Images For Your SEO Benefit

Images & SEO: How To Use Photos To Your Benefit

Many people reduce SEO to a game based on keywords. And yes, keywords are important when it comes to search engine optimization, but there are many more factors to consider when creating content. The inclusion of images/photos and proper labeling are extremely important and shouldn’t be ignored. All too often people tend to ignore the most important factor when it comes to SEO: the user experience. Creating content solely to rank on SERPs is given precedence, but in reality, it’s how a user interacts with…

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SEO introduction

5 Websites That Will Turn You Into An SEO Master

Let’s be honest, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is really complex especially when it applies to your own individual website or websites. There, I said it, now we can all stop pretending like we know what the heck is going on when someone says anything related to SEO and move on with our lives. The thing is, we don’t all have to stay in the dark when it comes to SEO. Folks who want to improve their sites for SEO, or just learn about the topic,…

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Toyota and Ford Connect Your Smartphone To Vehicle Screens

For some time now, the automotive industry has been dominated with talk of Google’s self-driving cars, and the likelihood of Apple following in their footsteps and  creating autonomous vehicles. But now, it appears these two tech giants could face competition, with recent news confirming that Toyota and Ford are teaming up to implement technology for cars of the future. Earlier this week, Toyota and Ford announced that they would adopt software to connect smartphone apps to vehicle dashboard screens. The software, which is to be developed by…

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Why You Need To Switch Over To “HTTPS” Right Now

Security has, and always will play a vital role in all realms of the internet. Sure, you may forgo security concerns in certain cases (e.g. downloading content) and webmasters of certain types of online content may feel like security protocols don’t apply to them (why worry about user safety when you know you aren’t going to harm anyone?) but soon how secure a web page is will directly impact SEO rankings. Why? Because Google has officially announced it will begin prioritizing HTTPS certified websites. For those…

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Walmart Begins Testing Of Its Own Payment App

As the single largest retailer in the world, if any store can use their own payment system, it is Walmart. But even if it’s a retail giant, is it really worth it for a store to launch their own payment app? Walmart’s mobile payment system would allow customers to make their purchases through a smartphone app. The app could take major credit or debit cards, or the company’s own gift card. Walmart began testing this payment system last week at locations in Arkansas. By early next year, Walmart…

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Songza Set To Consolidate Into Google Play Music By January 2016

Earlier this week, Google announced that it will combine its Songza music service into Google Play Music. Songza, which is a free streaming service that Google acquired last year, allows its users to listen to different types of playlists designed for specific purposes. For example, playlists often suit a user’s mood or are designed for a certain activity, ranging from studying, exercising, or going out with friends. Songza is not the only music service that Google provides, though as it also has Google Play Music and YouTube red…

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Google’s Latest Feature Can Write Emails For You

We’ve all been there: having your inbox flooded with too many emails, and wishing someone would just be able to reply to all of them for us. Not surprisingly, Google has anticipated this need, and created a new feature for your Inbox that will produce artificially intelligent responses to your emails. Part of Google’s ongoing updates to their Inbox app, this new specific feature is another example of Google’s continued efforts to have their technology perform tasks that humans normally would. Here, Google’s feature will be able…

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SEO: What Is It and What Do You Need To Know?

When you search for something on Google, how deep into the results do you actually go? If you’re like most people, probably not past the first page – hell, you may even just stop after the first few suggestions. That’s the way of the Internet – for people to find what they want, as fast as possible. So if you have services to offer online and want users to know about it, how do you compete? That’s what SEO is all about. It’s an acronym…

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Debate Ensues On Self-Driving Cars And Road Safety

Does safe driving always mean following all of the rules of the road? In theory, driverless cars — such as those designed by Google — are made to be consistently cautious. But in practice, it’s not always clear if following rules to the T is the safest bet. The New York Times has recently reported that driverless cars’ meticulous adherence to road safety is causing problems: they aren’t built to factor in the spontaneity and context-based decisions made by other h uman drivers. One can envision countless scenarios in…

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