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Google recently revealed how many publishers of fake news it removed from its site.

Google And Facebook Fight Back Against Fake News

By now, you’ve likely heard U.S. President Donald Trump warn us of the perils of “fake news.” Perhaps you’ve even fallen victim to fake news, too. Social media makes it easier than ever to be lured in by a scintillating headline, only to find its ensuing report to be inaccurate. In the aftermath of Trump’s victory, many discovered that “fake news” — or deliberately spreading falsehoods presented under the guise of news — was a lucrative enterprise. Some publishers even reported making thousands of dollars off of advertisements that…

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Google's new app with BMW will allow shoppers to see life-size images of vehicles.

Google To Incorporate Virtual Reality Into Shopping

{{unknown}}For years, e-commerce has been all the rage — you’d be hard-pressed to find retailers who don’t make their products available online. However, there remain inherent drawbacks of online shopping, as opposed to visiting a bricks-and-mortar retail location. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what you’re actually purchasing — even with established retailers. We’ve all had times when we’ve ordered a product online, only to find ourselves disappointed once we see the item in person. But now, Google just gave online shoppers a new reason to rejoice.…

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Amnesty Calls Out Lack Of Privacy In Instant Messaging

In today’s digital age, more and more people jump on the social media bandwagon without giving it too much thought. We often quickly set up accounts on  popular platforms without understanding how they can infringe on our privacy. Sure, we may know at this point to be careful about the kinds of photos we share on Facebook in case they get back to an employer. But many assume that social media services automatically conceal what we share via instant messaging from the eyes of an unwanted third party.…

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5 Search Engine Optimization Tips For Beginners To Learn

It’s official – Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the most important skill to master if you want any kind of online success. The Internet is a vast landscape that only expands by the minute, so if you can’t be found fairly easily, chances are you’ll disappear into the void. If you run a small business and aren’t that well versed in SEO tactics, this race to stand out online can seem daunting. There are certainly digital marketing firms that can be hired to help…

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Google Unveils Chromecast Ultra At Pixel Event

At their recent Pixel Event, Google announced an upgraded version of the Chromecast called the Chromecast Ultra. If you already own a Chromecast, there isn’t much difference in the physical design. The Chromecast Ultra is designed in its flat hockey puck shape and now features a “G” logo instead of the Chrome logo. There’s also a small HDMI cord to hide the device behind your TV and you can still mirror content from your Android devices. The Ultra will also work with Google Home once…

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Google To Introduce New Video Chat App

Gone are the days when email was the newest and most exciting form of quick communication. Today, many consider video chat to be the easiest way to get in touch with  someone quickly, with the added bonus of a personalized, face-to-face component. Now, Google will be capitalizing on this trend with the introduction of their new video chat, Duo. Duo will work with any mobile device that uses Google’s Android operating system, as well as iOS. It will rely on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and like other…

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The Evolution of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been around for as long as the internet – about 25 years. And in that short lifespan, SEO has become something that so many people and businesses could likely never live without. In this article, we track its evolution. 1991-2002 In 1991, there was a lone website that basically explained what the internet is, which was a necessity back then. But by 1993, the internet was already overflowing with websites, and search engines became a necessity. They were able to…

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Google Robot Apocalypse - Big Red Button

Google Creates “Big Red Button” To Prevent The Robot Apocalypse

Is the robot apocalypse coming soon? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean researchers aren’t already creating safeguards against what some believe is the inevitable face-off between humans and artificial intelligence. And somewhat indirectly, mega-corporation, Google, is establishing humanity’s first line of defence with an AI “kill switch” that will effectively terminate any Terminator-like situation from ever occurring. British AI company, DeepMind, which was purchased by Google in 2014 on the contingency that the the corporation create an “AI ethics board” to monitor all company-made advancements in…

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Google Patents New Car With Exterior “Glue” People Will Stick To

If there’s one thing that has people worried about the incoming innovation of self-driving cars, it’s the chance for collisions. Yes, whatever technology the manufacturers of autonomous automobiles are using will likely be less fallible than a human being, but it still makes people uneasy to think of a heartless machine turning the wheel of a ton of moving steel. What happens if a driverless car hits an animal, or a person? Will it know to immediately stop, check for injuries, and administer first aid?…

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Ex-Google Employee Creates Startup For Driverless Trucks

By now, you’ve likely heard about Google’s plans to have more self-driving cars on the road, and the ensuing debates surrounding their merits and safety. But how would you feel not about a self-driving car, but a driverless 18-wheel truck cruising on the road beside you? Many might be alarmed by this image, but not Anthony Levandowski — an engineer who was involved in making the technology used in Google’s driverless cars. Not only does Levandowski believe driverless trucks are about to make it big, he feels…

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