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The Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need To Know

Ever since Nintendo dropped a mysterious-but-alluring trailer for its upcoming console, we’ve all been itching with anticipation for more news. Shown to be a fusion of a handheld gaming device and a console, the latest Nintendo product heralded some innovative features in the world of gaming. Originally thought to be called the NX, Nintendo’s new console is actually being dubbed the “Switch.” And after a recent press conference held by Nintendo in Tokyo we finally have some concrete details on the Japanese gaming company’s latest…

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Virtual Reality Arcades Becoming More Popular Across Canada

If you’ve never been one to call yourself a gamer, new VR (virtual reality) arcades that have started opening across Canada might change your mind. Unlike video games you play on your TV screen screen at home, these arcades take gaming to the next level — offering a virtual reality experience that would let you be a participant in the game itself, rather than just controlling a character. A VR arcade’s space doesn’t necessarily look like much from the outside, but once you put on your virtual…

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Pokémon Go Surpasses Tinder As Most Popular App

Even though it was only released on July 6 this year, Pokémon Go has surpassed Tinder as the most popular mobile app, according to Forbes. By July 8, the game was installed on more than 5% of all Android devices in the United States. Tinder runs at only 2% of all Android devices. Plus, the app’s daily active user count is about to match and is expected to exceed that of Twitter. These stats are not surprising to any one who’s been on the Internet…

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Five Uses For Virtual Reality That Aren’t Gaming

Virtual reality is getting crazy realistic, and it’s getting more accessible to the average consumer, thanks to headsets like Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. With developments happening so fast in the industry, they’ll only get more impressive and more affordable. And if you think virtual reality isn’t for you because you’re not into video games, think again. Virtual reality can make lots of other tasks and industries more interesting, and here are a few examples of that. The News Every single publication in the…

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The Smart Boy Brings Old School Gaming To Your Android Device

As I was sifting through and cleaning out a box full of junk recently, I came across several of my old Game Boy cartridges. Not an actual Game Boy, mind you – that thing stopped working and was probably junked over a decade ago. But I could never get rid of the games themselves. Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, Donkey Kong – these characters were a huge part of my childhood (and, admit it, yours too). But how could I use these cartridges again without having to…

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Give Your Laptop Multiple Screens with the Sliden’Joy

Anyone who has worked with multiple monitors knows how much easier it is to complete multiple or complex projects with an extra screen available. But unfortunately for laptop users, it’s not always possible to have a second screen, and if you do, it can make your laptop too bulky to take with you if you travel. This is where the Sliden’Joy can help. This new invention allows you to add two or three HD screens to your laptop. These monitors are magnetically clipped to the back…

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‘Slow Games’ Have Players Making One Move a Day


‘Slow Games’ is a radical re-imagining of the gaming experience. Instead of making moves in rapid succession, players are only able to make one move a day. The result is a game that is more about memory and observation than instant gratification.

‘Slow Games’ was created by New York-based designer Ishac Bertran. Bertran turned Mario, Tetris and Pong  into minimalist cubes with dots representing all figures in each game. Each game uses the cube as a controller in a different way.

Mario uses a push button to make your avatar jump. The longer you press the button, the longer you jump. Tetris has you rotating the entire cube, while Pong has players using a toggle switch to dictate where the ball goes.

‘Slow Games’ redefines an immersive experience. Most games make everything else in the room disappear, but ‘Slow Games’ does the opposite. The game becomes a contemplative experience, where one level will take you a few weeks to complete (and that is if you don’t die and have to restart.)

In a world where technology is made to make life faster and easier, ‘Slow Games’ re-imagines the way we interact with technology.

Sources: Wired, Ishac Bertran

Play Skyrim On A Calculator & Other Reasons All Students Need A Real One

Photo credit – Angela The age of smartphones has made calculators seem a little redundant to own. Why buy another piece of hardware when its already built into your cellphone? A logical line of thinking, but there are certain things you can only do with a real calculator, and not with a dinky iPhone add-on, like playing Skyrim. No9sniper, a YouTuber and obvious tech geek, transformed his graphing calculator into a gaming console capable of playing the massively popular fantasy-action game Skyrim. Not exactly a…

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