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Winter Photography Requires A Weather Resistant DSLR

The snow has finally started falling. While that may spell disaster for people who are accustomed to warmer weather, many others will embrace this time of the year, particularly photographers. Serious photographers want to capture all aspects of nature’s beauty and there’s no doubt that the onset of winter has a lot to offer. Of course, the winter season can be harsh as well and it’s important to have a camera that can withstand the elements. Luckily, many models are being manufactured to be weather…

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Three Mirrorless Cameras For Fall

Unlike an SLR, mirrorless cameras don’t have a mirror, of course, or an optical viewfinder. This minimizes the weight and size of the camera, and gives the user an overall more portable machine. When mirrorless cameras first came out, they weren’t nearly as good as SLRs. But now, there are so many great ones to choose from with superior technology. Here are three mirrorless cameras that will help you capture the best fall photos. Canon EOS M3 This little camera is compact and lightweight. But…

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Fuji X-Pro1 Camera From Henry's

Quality Images Are Taken In A New Way With The Fuji X-Pro1

Most amateur photographers don’t have the best understanding on exactly how a photo is taken. Not that there isn’t much of a need, because as long as a camera is able to capture an image, what need is there to understand all of the intricacies of the process? But once in a while a new innovation in photography technology is unveiled, changing how photos are taken. That’s when a knowledge of camera-mechanics comes in handy, as you’ll be able to automatically appreciate just how cutting…

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Henry’s Fujinon Lens Winter Sale On Now

Getting a camera can be an understandably complex process. Buying the camera itself is only the first step because you’re going to want to get some lenses. Sure, the camera body already comes with a lens initially, but utilizing different kinds of lenses is going to monumentally enhance your camera’s capabilities and allow you to experiment with different photographic looks. If you’re a Fuji camera person, now’s the time to stock up on some new things, as Henry’s is currently having a winter sale on…

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Capture All Your Holiday Memories with the Fujifilm X-T1

Don’t let your holiday memories fade over time; capture all of them this year with the Fujifilm X-T1 Digital SLR camera. This new camera comes with a lot of new features that are amongst the best in the world. It has the world’s largest and fastest MultiMode Viewfinder, plus it also has the world’s highest magnification ratio of 0.77x. The viewfinder also has a newly designed Graphic User Interface that has three different magnification settings – full, normal, and dual – so you can get…

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The Fujifilm X-T10 Combines Old School Aesthetics With New School Technology

It’s almost hard to remember now that at one point, we took photos on film. Decades ago, there was no whipping your smartphone out or taking rapid fire shots on a DSLR – if you wanted to snap a photo, you had to load up your camera with a roll of film, make sure the exposure was right and hope the red eye was kept under control. Now that everything has gone digital, none of these things are a worry anymore. And yet there’s still…

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