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Grubhub delivery

Online Takeout Orders Will Surpass Phone Orders in 5 Years

The increase in popularity of mobile apps has added a new element to the term couch potato. Now individuals can relax on their couch with their phone in hand and within a few simple clicks can have food delivered to their door within the hour. I’m not talking about making a phone call for delivery. In today’s society, phone calls are quickly becoming less popular. Instead, individuals prefer to send a quick text or their favourite emoji rather than have a traditional in person discussion…

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German KFCs Added Keyboards to Their Trays

For a whole week in Germany, KFC traded lining their food trays with the usual paper liners for something a little more interesting – disposable Bluetooth keyboards. The company decided to upgrade the ordinary, boring paper trays with a keyboard that is durable, super thin, wireless and even re-chargeable, which they call the “KFC tray typer.” Before German customers dug in to their fried chicken, they were encouraged to sync their phones to these keyboards via Bluetooth, and were then able to continue communicating via their…

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Robotic Servers Are Now Taking Orders At McDonalds

{{unknown}}Start saying your goodbyes to pimply teenagers taking your order at fast food restaurants and say hello to robotic servers with robotic smiles. McDonalds, one of the world’s largest fast food chains, has now begun testing automated digital server kiosks. McDonalds (and technology in general) is a ways away from integrating full-on robotic servers and cashiers (like Yuko of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) but this does mark a shift in the company’s future, one that has begun to take hold across the fast food industry. Only…

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