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Students Design A Laser Device To Combat Geese Problem

Believe it or not, even in the hustle and bustle of the GTA, it’s not uncommon to see a flock of geese around this time of year. You’ve likely seen them yourself — either sitting together on a field, or even venturing out and attempting to cross the street. But in less urban areas, geese can have a much more menacing presence, and are capable of doing significant damage to people’s livelihoods. In more sprawling rural landscapes, geese can actually wreak havoc on crops and destroy…

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Canadian Farm-Tech Companies See Increase In Investments

For a long time, agriculture and technology were seen as mutually exclusive — agriculture considered as more of a traditional industry, while technology was the way of the future. But now, more and more farmers are finding it necessary to take advantage of new technologies, in order to reduce their labour and maximize their agricultural output. Avrio Capital is a venture capital firm based out of Calgary, Ontario that specializes in food innovation and agriculture. Last week, the firm finished raising $110 million in venture capital, which…

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New Edible Coating Makes Strawberries Last Longer

Summer is strawberry season and while I love them, every time I buy strawberries I have to eat them as soon as I get home or risk throwing out more than half of the bunch. Unfortunately for all of us, strawberries just don’t have much of a shelf life. Luckily, scientists from the University San Nicolás de los Garza in Mexico have created an edible coating for strawberries that will preserve them and help them last longer. This new Edible Active Coating (EAC) is made…

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Vertical LED farms could solve a potential food crisis

According to the UN, the world will have another 2.5 billion mouths to feed by 2050. If they are correct – and they probably are – that means we need to find a more sustainable and contained method of growing food. Green Sense Farms seems to have the right idea. Based in Portage, Indiana, their team of farmers and horticulturalists have created a vertical farming system that can harvest crops 26 times a year using 85 per cent less energy, one tenth of the water…

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