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Users of WhatsApp could be seeing a lot this ads on the service in future.

European Proposal Cracks Down On Personalized Ads

Tired of seeing ads every time you log into social media? If you count yourself as someone who sees ads as incredibly annoying, you’re in luck. Good news could be on the horizons for ad-haters who use certain messaging apps. This month, the European Union executive presented a proposal that will crack down on how WhatsApp, iMessage and Gmail can track their users. The proposal stipulates that these companies must actually ensure that their users’ conversations will stay confidential. In addition, they will have to request…

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European Plan Proposes To Tax Robots As People

We’ve seen them in movies and read about them in science fiction: robots living among us and independently completing tasks typically performed by humans. But now, it seems like Europe has gone one step further with integrating robots into human society. A draft plan proposes that the government starts classifying robots as “electronic persons” and requiring their human owners pay social security for them. The draft motion was created by the European parliament’s committee on legal affairs. The motion also stipulated that companies who opt for robotics instead…

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Truck Platooning Gets A Showcase in Europe

Do you ever get a little nervous when you have to drive near a big truck when you’re on the highway? What about encountering a fleet of them in traffic and having to duck and weave around? We’ve all seen news reports about highway accidents where a truck has caused some serious damage to other vehicles and their drivers. When you’re dealing with that level of speed and traffic, trucks are unable to react as fast to happenings on the road. Therefore, it can be…

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