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Window Tinting Technology Gets An Upgrade From Team At MIT

Blinds, curtains, drapes – they ‘re all so 20th century, folks. If you really want to keep the sun out of your place of residence on a hot summer’s day, you’ve got to use some electrochromic window tinting techniques. These specialized windows will darken automatically when it becomes hot by sending an electric current through the glass to give it a negative charge. Then, positive ions rush in to balance things out and the whole window tints. Pretty sweet, right? This technology has been on the…

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Solar Panels Can Now Create Energy Through Raindrops

It’s hard to argue against the usefulness and utility of solar power panels. An entirely renewable source of energy, solar power provides clean energy that doesn’t harm the earth with almost no work done, as panels simply take in the sun’s rays and turn it into electricity. Criticizers of solar power, many of whom no doubt have a bias towards the use of fossil fuels, will always bring up one major drawback to the use of solar panels: under poor weather conditions, they’re almost useless.…

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Get a Dishwasher On Budget With a Circo Dishwasher

If you’re one of the lucky people in Toronto that lives in an apartment with a dishwasher, I envy you. Unfortunately for me, and a lot of other city dwellers, having a dishwasher installed isn’t an option. On the other hand, while hand washing dishes is an annoyance much alleviated by a dishwasher, dishwashers also use a lot of water and energy that not only increases your utilities bill, but leaves a negative impact on the environment. Inventor, Chen Levin, has created a new prototype…

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