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This Lamp That Can Charge Your Phone Literally Runs On Water

In Canada, most of us enjoy a rather privileged life. Take the simple amenity of lighting, for example. An average Canadian home will be outfitted from top to bottom with an electrically-powered lighting system, providing residents with adequate light with but a flip of a switch. Communities in other nations aren’t quite so lucky. To citizens of certain countries, technological sources of light are something of a luxury. Take the Philippines, for example, a nation where a vast amount of peoples rely solely on kerosene-fuelled…

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Increase In Electric Cars Raises Concerns

Today, it is clear that more and more Canadians are turning to electric cars as an alternative form of transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The CBC reports that Canadian roads are currently home to around 20,000 plug-in vehicles — a figure which is only expected to increase with time. Because provinces have set their own targets to keep emissions low, it is expected that Canadians could be driving alongside over 500,000 more electric cars by 2020. While many are quick to applaud efforts to reduce greenhouse…

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Keeping Milk Cold Without Suitable Electricity

In dairy villages in rural India, where electricity often cuts in and out, milk can become unsafe to drink, and that means it’s common practice to boil milk before drinking it. Milk farmers are unable to refrigerate the milk that their cows produce, which has created a serious problem. These farmers end up with product that they cannot sell, which prevents them from supporting their families. A company called Promethean Power Systems has come up with a solution to this problem: their thermal battery technology…

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World’s First Graphene Light Bulb To Go on Sale This Year

Developers say that the world’s first graphene light bulb will be ready to go on sale later this year. This represents the first commercially-viable consumer product to use the supermaterial and paves the way for an exciting future. Researchers at Manchester University coated a filament-shaped LED with graphene, a material that was discovered by researchers at the same institution. The new bulb is said to create light that is brighter than a conventional LED, yet uses 10 percent less energy and lasts longer as well.…

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Scientists Build Urinal Prototype That Turns Urine Into Power

Nobody likes using urinals. They’re dark, dirty, smelly, and really just not a good time at all. But now, a research team at the University of the West of England (or UWE Bristol) has built a urinal that does more than just haphazardly collect our waste – it converts urine directly into electricity. The way it works is by using microbial fuel cell convertors that sap the biochemical energy out of urine and immediately turn it into electricity. The project is a collaboration between the…

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