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This YouTuber Built A Mini Millennium Falcon

Two of the most buzzy tech things right now are drones and the new Star Wars movie, so combining them is a surefire way to gain attention. YouTuber, Oliver C, got that memo and built a pretty spot-on Millennium Falcon drone that he unveiled in a YouTube video. This has effectively taken drones to a completely new level and probably has Star Wars fans endlessly searching where they can get their own Millennium Falcon to play with and show off. This is his second shot at building…

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Drones With Paint Cans: The Future Of Street Art

New ground has been broken in the ever-growing realm of artistic drone applications. No longer limited to taking stunning aerial videos, drones have moved into graffiti this past Wednesday, as the first (as far as we know) drone-created tag was made in New York City, reports Wired. Under the control of KATSU, a notable NYC-based street artist, with a keen rapport for technology, a hacked Phantom drone plastered a zig-zagged red line across a six story tall billboard on Houston and Lafayette street, one of…

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Travel from your couch

Drones are the talk of the Internet these days, and if you’re slightly afraid or confused by the prospects they could drop in, there’s a new way to enjoy them. Pick any place in the world, and you can take advantage of the view a drone gets of that place. TravelByDrone is a collection of YouTube drone videos marked on a world map. Click on the pin on your chosen location, and you can float over it. Of course, most of the pins are in…

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