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Three Of The Top Drones To Up Your Photography Game This January

Were you hoping to unwrap something in particular over the holidays? Or did someone gift you some money, and you’re still looking for the perfect thing to spend it on? Henry’s has a bunch of great things, but possibly the most exciting and buzzy products are drones. There’s one for every budget, all with tons of great features that you’ll love. Here are three options to gift yourself now that the holidays are over. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone With an intuitive flight system, built-in…

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Drones And Planes Coming Dangerously Close To Colliding According To New Statistics

Drones have really been taking off (pun intended) over the last several years. They’re like those little toy helicopters that you may have played with as a kid, except they don’t wobble around and crash into the ground after ten seconds. You can actually fly drones a significant distance and do cool things like attach a camera to it or, in Amazon’s case, potentially have it deliver packages to your front door. On the flipside, however, they are also coming dangerously close to crashing into…

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Drones Could Help Make Wind Energy More Appealing

Maintaining wind turbines is no easy feat, and it usually involves engineers climbing to dangerous heights and inspecting them in person. However, a Portuguese company has found a new, safer way to carry out turbine maintenance – using drones. Pro-Drone, a start up based in Portugal, uses drones with flight algorithms programmed right in that allow them to fly at exactly the height and distance they need to to accurately inspect wind turbines. They’re also able to collect and store data thanks to their sensors.…

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