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Blackberry opens new autonomous vehicles research centre near Ottawa, Ontario.

Blackberry Opens Driverless Vehicles Research Centre

In 2016, you may have thought you’d already heard the last of Blackberry. Nowadays, it seems everyone you meet surely has an iPhone, with the once popular Blackberry becoming defunct and a relic of the past. But now, it looks like Blackberry is entering a market you perhaps wouldn’t expect. This week, the company opened the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre in Kanata, Ontario, and announced it would be entering the world of driverless car research. According to the company’s chief executive, Blackberry has a track record in…

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Google Patents New Car With Exterior “Glue” People Will Stick To

If there’s one thing that has people worried about the incoming innovation of self-driving cars, it’s the chance for collisions. Yes, whatever technology the manufacturers of autonomous automobiles are using will likely be less fallible than a human being, but it still makes people uneasy to think of a heartless machine turning the wheel of a ton of moving steel. What happens if a driverless car hits an animal, or a person? Will it know to immediately stop, check for injuries, and administer first aid?…

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Ex-Google Employee Creates Startup For Driverless Trucks

By now, you’ve likely heard about Google’s plans to have more self-driving cars on the road, and the ensuing debates surrounding their merits and safety. But how would you feel not about a self-driving car, but a driverless 18-wheel truck cruising on the road beside you? Many might be alarmed by this image, but not Anthony Levandowski — an engineer who was involved in making the technology used in Google’s driverless cars. Not only does Levandowski believe driverless trucks are about to make it big, he feels…

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Singapore Testing Driverless Cars

Can you imagine your daily commute consisting of a trip on a driverless bus? This is exactly the type of public transport that Singapore has envisioned — passengers travelling on self-driving buses alongside platoons of other driverless trucks that follow an individual driver. Singapore has joined countries such as Germany, as well as certain American states that have begun testing driverless cars. The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) with the National University of Singapore and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research are each…

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Flying Car Could Come Sooner Than We Think

Most of us would probably consider flying cars to be something from a science fiction movie — a far removed thing of the future. But these naysayers don’t include Terrafugia Inc, the company from Woburn, Massachusetts that has been developing flying car designs for ten years. While their TF-X is still a concept, Terrafugia’s chief executive Carl Dietrich believes the machine can be built with today’s off-the-shelf technology. New technological developments support his claim, as recent news with self-driving cars show a trend towards automation that’s likely to…

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