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For Wi-Fi, Scene Analysis and More, Turn to Canon Cameras

Sometimes, a great photo opportunity does not coincide with great lighting conditions. If you are trying to take a photo of a loved one at their graduation ceremony, capture a celebratory sky filled with fireworks, or snap a pic of a fleeting moment at a wedding, chances are that unfortunately, lighting will not always be on your side. But with Canon cameras, you won’t have to worry about bad lighting ruining a great photographic moment again. The Canon Rebel T6i is able to take quality images in different…

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5 Digital Cameras That Will Help You Take The Perfect Photos On Graduation Day

From high schooler to university students, graduation day is looming, and while the students are getting excited, no doubt parents are more than a little anxious. On the one hand, you’re incredibly delighted to see you child reach a new stage in life, but you’re also a tad bit worried about everything that goes into graduation day. Coordinating relatives, getting the gown ready, after-parties; all are examples of how a parent has to prep for their child’s graduation day. Then there is the ever-present need…

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What to Know When Upgrading to a DSLR Camera

Digital SLR cameras, otherwise known as DSLR cameras, are popular among amateur photographers and professionals alike because of their ease of operation and the quality photographs they can provide. Even if you don’t have professional photography experience or have never taken a photography course in your life, you can still use a DSLR camera to capture special, memorable moments on holidays and vacations. If you’re going from a point and shoot camera to a DSLR, there’s a lot of new features to get used to…

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