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Make Your Magazines Digital With Texture

Readers everywhere know how hard it can be to travel with your reading material. Sometimes, there’s just not enough room in our everyday bags to bring the magazine we’re reading with us. Or if we do, it gets crushed and ripped in our bag with everything else. If you love reading more than one title, it can make your bag too heavy and bulky to carry around. For those magazine lovers out there, the Texture app is the ideal solution. How Does Texture Work? Texture…

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Stay On Top Of Tech News With Texture Digital Magazines

Like technology itself, tech news moves fast. If you want to stay on top of the latest news, it’s important to subscribe to the best science and technology magazines. But constantly buying magazines from the racks can take a toll on your wallet and your space. Plus, constantly buying magazines and throwing them out isn’t the most environmentally-friendly choice we can make. If you love magazines, but wish that buying them was more convenient, Texture by Next Issue may be for you. Texture provides digital…

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Read PC Magazine To Stay Updated On The Latest Tech News

Many successful, on-the-go professionals often find themselves facing a similar problem. In order to be leaders in their industry, they need to remain up-to-date with the latest tech news, trends and products, but they don’t always have the time to conduct in-depth research themselves. That’s where PC Magazine comes in. The magazine offers detailed reviews of all types of new technology on the market, including laptops, tablets, phones, apps, software, printers, and more. Whether you plan on using the technology while travelling or in the office…

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