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“Nuclear Powered Diamonds” May Be The Batteries Of The Future

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so saying goes. But ladies may need to open up their friendship with diamonds, because the hardest substance on Earth has found a new use beyond beautiful jewelry: batteries. Yes, diamonds may become the batteries of the future thanks to an innovative new process created by chemists working out of the University of Bristol. And no, this isn’t a way to create the world’s most expensive Duracell. The process begins with nuclear waste and a particular “low-yield beta…

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Diamonds Used to Turn Nuclear Waste Into Nuclear Batteries

Physicists and chemists at the University of Bristol have found a way to convert thousands of tons of nuclear waste into man-made diamond nuclear batteries that would still generate 50% of its capacity after 5,730 years. As stated in New Atlas, figuring out how to dispose of nuclear waste is “one of the great technical challenges of the 21st century” as it is not so much about effective disposal as it is about long-term storage solutions. Spent nuclear fuel and other waste consist of valuable…

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