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Never Lose Your Belongings Again Thanks To The TrackerPad

If you have a tendency for losing important belongings, like your wallet or keys, you can now rest easy with the TrackerPad. This little pad is a GPS system that you can attach to things that are too important to lose. The TrackerPad has a flexible case and an adhesive on the back so you can stick it to what you’d like to keep tabs on, whether it’s your wallet, your bike, your keys or your car. The TrackerPad has a pre-paid SIM built into…

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IKEA placemat

IKEA Placemat Helps You Avoid Your Phone During Dinner

IKEA has come out with a new solution for that family member(s) who just will not put down their phone(s) during dinner. The solution is part of the company’s SITTNING limited edition collection of dinnerware, which includes a placemat that has a dedicated pocket for hiding away your smartphone during meals. The placemat is called “logged out”, despite the fact that the phone does not actually log you out. All the placemat does is hide your device and hopefully prevent you from checking it every…

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With NailO, You Can Turn Your Thumb Into a Track Pad

When you’re using your computer or phone to help you cook or repair something, you can’t always spare a hand to control your device. MIT recognized this problem, and is working on a device that makes your thumb nail function just like a track pad. It’s called NailO, and its design was initially inspired by stick-on nail polish. It has several layers, including  a battery, circuitry, capacitive sensors, a cover, and it was created in MIT’s Media Lab. The NailO registers your touch and uses…

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How Smartwatches Should Work

  Since you started carrying around your phone, when was the last time you wore a watch? The simple fact is, having a smartphone removed the utility of wearing a watch. Contrary to this logic, a growing number of people seem to appreciate a ticking masterpiece gleaming on their wrist. Given this trend, tech giants like Samsung, who just launched Gear 2, and Apple, who is rumoured to be secretly developing iWatch, are hoping that people will find a reason to carry both their phone and a smartwatch. No serious…

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