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Get More Creative Mobile Pics With the Enlight App

We all know about the powers of social media. Besides connecting us to friends and family, sites like Instagram and Facebook can connect us to a new network; that’s why both bloggers and eCommerce businesses alike have social media as part of their marketing services. Instagram is quickly becoming the social media platform of choice, but with 75 million photos shared each day, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd whether you’re a blogger, freelance photographer/graphic designer or business. Have you noticed…

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Nike’s New Mask Is An Ice Pack for Your Head

Whether athletes are playing during a summer heat wave or are participating in humid weather for an extended period of time, they need a way to effectively cool down for their health and recovery. That’s why the Nike Sports Research Lab is working with US Olympic decathlon champion, Ashton Eaton, to create a new mask that’s goal is to cool down an athlete’s core temperature to increase his or her recovery time. While the design of the mask looks super creepy, it’s structure is important. The Nike…

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Equil Smartmarker Digitizes Whiteboard Notes

You’ll never lose important whiteboard notes again with the Equil Smartmarker. This innovative marker can capture whiteboard notes and stream them to the Internet as you write. Unlike other smartmarkers on the market, this one doesn’t need a special compatible whiteboard–the Equil Smartmarker can be used on any whiteboard or dry-erase surface. Here’s how it works: the Equil Smartmarker comes with a sleeve and a sensor. The sleeve holds any dry erase marker. The sensor magnetically attaches to your dry erase surface and picks up…

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Chilly Winnipeg Hosts Warming Hut Design Competition

{{unknown}}Winnipeg, Manitoba is one of the colder cities on Earth, but that doesn’t stop residents from getting outdoors to enjoy the winter months. The Red River freezes over and becomes the “world’s longest skating rink” for the winter months providing residents and visitors four miles of ice to skate on. Curling, hockey and broom ball are all played atop the massive skating rink, but with temperatures averaging around -10°C as the high for the winter months, warming huts are needed to give people a break…

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New RiutBag Keeps Your Valuables Safer

Whether you’re traveling on a backpacking trip or commuting to work, this new and innovative RiutBag backpack will keep your personal possessions safer and more secure than the average backpack. Designed by Sarah Giblin, this innovative bag has all the compartments and pockets facing your back rather than facing outward to discourage stealing and keep your essential items that much closer to you. The main compartment has room for a 15”laptop, as well as other belongings, and there are smaller pockets for your keys, wallet,…

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New Universal Handlebar Smartphone Mount

If you’re an avid bike rider, you’ll definitely want to check out this new gadget to add to your biking gear. Manufactured in Austria, the Finn is a universal smartphone mount that attaches your phone to your handlebars for a quick and easy access to a map or listening to music for your ride. This device is created to work with every smartphone and handlebars, so you won’t run into any compatibility issues. Finn is a high quality silicone band that wraps around your handlebars and stretches…

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Paperclip Arm Rest Alleviates Air Travel Discomfort

Air travel has a reputation for being unpleasant and uncomfortable. One of the many reasons for this is the battle for use of the single arm rest between you and your neighbor. Even if you have a neighbor who is nice enough to let you share the arm rest, the truth is that it is not enough space for the both of you to be happy. It’s a zero-sum game. James Lee of Hong Kong has created the Paperclip Arm Rest in order to fix…

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Google’s Autonomous Car Looks Like it’s From a Japanese Cartoon

Google is far more than just an internet company. One of their major research investments has been in autonomous driving technology, which is gearing up to send shock waves through the auto industry once the technology is commercially viable. Most recently, Google has released pictures and information on their third-generation autonomous car. This car, unlike the two before it, was built from the ground up. Previous models used existing cars and outfitted them with Google’s self-driving tech. Google set out to “develop a shape for the…

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How Smartwatches Should Work

  Since you started carrying around your phone, when was the last time you wore a watch? The simple fact is, having a smartphone removed the utility of wearing a watch. Contrary to this logic, a growing number of people seem to appreciate a ticking masterpiece gleaming on their wrist. Given this trend, tech giants like Samsung, who just launched Gear 2, and Apple, who is rumoured to be secretly developing iWatch, are hoping that people will find a reason to carry both their phone and a smartwatch. No serious…

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Giant Animated Screen Towers are the Buildings of the Future

Walking around my home city of Toronto I am surrounded by construction sites, most of which are building large glass towers. It’s getting old. The way of the future is giant animated screen towers. These awesomely futuristic buildings can display pictures, advertisements, or visual effects all with the press of a button. Green for St. Patrick’s Day, red and pink for Valentine’s Day, and so on. Your imagination is truly the limit. These animated screen towers are not just a prediction for the future, they are already a reality. Take a look at these futuristic buildings that are ahead of their time.

Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong
Bank of China Tower

Digital Beijing Building, Beijing, China
Digital Beijing Building

The Grand Casino, Basel, Switzerland
The Grand Casino

Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria
Ars Electronica Center

Kunsthaus Art Museum, Graz, Austria
Kunsthaus Art Museum

King Road Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
King Road Tower

Uniqa Tower, Vienna, Austria
Uniqa Tower

Office Center 1000, Kaunas, Lithuania
Office Center 1000

Office Building, Singapore

Council House, Perth, Australia
Council House

The National Library of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
National Library of Belarus

And currently in the works in Dubai is the world’s largest LED screen, which is currently unnamed.
Dubai LED Tower

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