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Own Your Kitchen With These Cooking Apps

The holiday season is all about food, and if you’re having people over, chances are you’ll need to cook at some point. That might scare you, but put those fears aside because technology is here to help. Here are the six best cooking apps that will help you become your best chef self. BigOven BigOven has a huge library of recipes, and you can add to it with photos of your own recipes. You can also build your grocery list right in the app based…

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Smart Oven Uses Image Recognition to Cook Perfect Meals

Everyone knows that one coworker, friend or family member who just can’t seem to figure out the art of cooking; well, there may be hope for them after all. A new startup in San Francisco has created a new “intelligent” oven that is able to recognize the food you are trying to make and cook it perfectly every time. The device is known as the June Intelligent Oven and the idea seems pretty amazing. The oven is small enough to fit on your countertop, yet is large enough to…

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