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American States Studying Potential Uses For Drones

Many of us might be quick to consider drones as indicative of unwanted surveillance or military activity, and be wary of their presence around us. However, American researchers have been increasingly finding that a drone’s utility could extend far outside the political realm. In fact, it looks like these mini-flying devices could start becoming a lot more commonplace in the U.S. than we might be used to — in the name of streamlining costs and human labour. According to new survey conducted by the American Association of State Highway and…

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3D Printed Houses Are Now A Reality With The Big Delta

When 3D printers were first introduced, it seemed like a novelty. It was fun watching videos of small objects being created right before your eyes, but I never really thought that this technology was viable enough to produce anything monumental. Now every time I turn around, somebody has printed off a weapon or a car or a surgical implant. What was deemed futuristic not too long ago has now saturated the market. Recently, one of the biggest developments to date for this technology was announced. The…

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Drone Assembled Rope

Drones Built A Rope Bridge That Can Actually Be Walked On

Drones are an extremely impressive piece of technology. From spray painting billboards to firing handguns, it seems each day drones are being programmed to do something new. Today, that new task involves building an actual rope bridge that can be walked on. Although, this new feat is equally remarkable as it is terrifying. Zurich’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control and Gramazio Kohler Research have created the project, called “Aerial Construction.” The ultimate goal is to “investigate and develop methods and techniques for robotic aerial construction.” Clearly, this…

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New Robot Can Build a House In Only Two Days

A robot known as Hadrian could become the best friend or biggest foe of the home construction market. Hadrian was named after the ancient Roman emperor with the same name, who had a profound enthusiasm for construction. The company that developed Hadrian, Fastbrick Robotics, claims the robot can lay around 1,000 bricks per hour and complete the entire frame of a standard house in under two days. Yes, you really did read that right! The robot is still in the prototype stage, but the company…

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World’s First and Largest Climate Controlled City to Be Built in Dubai

Dubai has announced plans to build the world’s first climate controlled city, and if these renderings are forecasting what is to come, this project will be really, really extravagant (even by Dubai’s standards.)   The facility will be 48 million square feet. There will be 7 km of climate controlled retail space, the world’s largest indoor theme park, and a retractable glass dome that will be opened for the winter months. But wait, they aren’t finished yet. Also included in the project is a 3…

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