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Charge All Devices at Once with the Flex Charger

In 2015, I think we all understand how annoying it can be to try and find enough space and outlets to charge all of our smart devices at home or at the office. Luckily, this first world problem has a solution – the Flex Charger. This great invention acts like a docking station to hold and charge your smart devices in one area. You can place your device in the Flex Charger’s retractable tray to get power immediately and to protect it from damage –…

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The Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable Prevents A Dead Phone

{{unknown}}Having your phone’s battery go dead is a terrible feeling, but it is very difficult to always have a charger close by. The Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable aims to address this problem in a stylish way by providing users a fashionable bracelet that doubles as a charger. The bracelet is great for travelers or students who may always want to keep a charger close at hand. The Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable is compatible with many Apple devices. These include the iPad Mini, iPad 4, and…

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SOScharger Will Never Leave You With A Dead Phone

For many people having a dead cellphone causes sheer panic and a heavy heart. Luckily, the SOScharger is the perfect remedy for such maladies. This  compact and handy back-up battery essentially gives you limitless power for your phone, so you’ll never have a dead cell phone again. The SOScharger has a 2,300 mAh capacity battery inside it. This battery in itself will be enough to fully recharge your phone’s battery and then some. If you find yourself needing even more power, there is a ergonomic…

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Portable Solar Charger Made for Adventures

{{unknown}}Venturing into the wild doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your technology. And for the few that you choose to carry, you need Voltaic Systems portable solar charger. This compact product allows you to charge your electronic devices by harnessing the power of the sun. Not only is that convenient, it’s also environmentally friendly. Two 2.0 watt solar panels absorb solar energy and that juice can be stored and used later. The solar panels are both waterproof and lightweight, making them resilient to…

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Impress Your Party Guests With Intel Smart Wireless Charging Bowl

{{unknown}}We first got a look at Intel’s Smart Wireless Charging Bowl at CES 2014. Then it was merely a concept, but continued interest has pushed the company to take this product from concept to reality, and it should all happen in time for the 2014 holiday season. The news comes straight from Intel CEO Brian Krzanich himself. He made the announcement at a press conference on September 19th. The Wireless Charging Bowl came from the idea of a bowl that you might put by the door…

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