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New Invention Set To Make Your Cell Phone Water Resistant

We’ve all heard the stats and read the think pieces about mobile device use – we’re addicted to our cell phones. Or, at the very least, we have our mobile phones on us at all times. Our cell phones are our lifeline – they keep us connected to the ones we love and keep us on top of the latest news. So it’s no surprise that we’ve all made that tragic error at some point it – getting it wet. Whether dropped into a pool, puddle, lake or, unfortunately,…

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Chevrolet Wants Your Phone To Stay Cool

{{unknown}}Phones are essentially tiny computers that work pretty hard to help you get through your day and that means they can get pretty hot from working so hard. When you add charging to the mix, the heat turns up even more to an uncomfortable level. Chevrolet noticed this, and the 2016 models of their Malibu, Volt, Cruze and Impala, to name a few, will include little, convenient air conditioning stations meant just for your phone. The company plans on calling this new feature “Active Phone…

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