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Blackberry opens new autonomous vehicles research centre near Ottawa, Ontario.

Blackberry Opens Driverless Vehicles Research Centre

In 2016, you may have thought you’d already heard the last of Blackberry. Nowadays, it seems everyone you meet surely has an iPhone, with the once popular Blackberry becoming defunct and a relic of the past. But now, it looks like Blackberry is entering a market you perhaps wouldn’t expect. This week, the company opened the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre in Kanata, Ontario, and announced it would be entering the world of driverless car research. According to the company’s chief executive, Blackberry has a track record in…

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Ford Is Developing Self-Driving, Night Vision Cars

Ford’s latest fleet of Fusion Hybrids, otherwise known as the Mondeo, is built with some very interesting and groundbreaking technology. Currently being tested at Ford’s Arizona Proving Ground, the new cars are being developed to drive themselves and in complete darkness, reports Car Magazine. Using a Lidar (light detection and ranging) system that can recognize nearby cars, people, or anything else through lasers and sensors, the Fusion Hybrid model can create an image of any object without the need of light. In essence, it’s night…

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The Dangers Of Voice Navigation In Cars

Voice navigation in cars has pretty much become a standard feature when buying a new vehicle. Now you don’t have to think about how to get where you’re going – just plug in the address and that soothing voice will direct you there. It’s like having a little buddy in the car with you. Hell, as robot technology becomes more and more prevalent, you might even become best friends. But hold on a second – that might not be such a good idea (for reasons…

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Increase In Electric Cars Raises Concerns

Today, it is clear that more and more Canadians are turning to electric cars as an alternative form of transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The CBC reports that Canadian roads are currently home to around 20,000 plug-in vehicles — a figure which is only expected to increase with time. Because provinces have set their own targets to keep emissions low, it is expected that Canadians could be driving alongside over 500,000 more electric cars by 2020. While many are quick to applaud efforts to reduce greenhouse…

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The Latest Hydrogen-Powered Car Marks A New Leap For Alternative Energy Vehicles

Slowly, but surely, the automotive industry is breaking free of the shackles of fossil fuels. With obvious benefits to the environment, vehicles powered by alternative, and renewable energy sources are also a boon to consumers, as they would no longer need to routinely spend money on increasingly expensive tanks of gas. The major drawback is that “green” cars tend to be quite expensive, like Tesla Motors models. Or, as was previously the case with Honda, alternative energy vehicles don’t stack up to traditional cars when…

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Singapore Testing Driverless Cars

Can you imagine your daily commute consisting of a trip on a driverless bus? This is exactly the type of public transport that Singapore has envisioned — passengers travelling on self-driving buses alongside platoons of other driverless trucks that follow an individual driver. Singapore has joined countries such as Germany, as well as certain American states that have begun testing driverless cars. The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) with the National University of Singapore and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research are each…

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Flying Car Could Come Sooner Than We Think

Most of us would probably consider flying cars to be something from a science fiction movie — a far removed thing of the future. But these naysayers don’t include Terrafugia Inc, the company from Woburn, Massachusetts that has been developing flying car designs for ten years. While their TF-X is still a concept, Terrafugia’s chief executive Carl Dietrich believes the machine can be built with today’s off-the-shelf technology. New technological developments support his claim, as recent news with self-driving cars show a trend towards automation that’s likely to…

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Nokia HERE Maps Could Be Used In The Driver-less Cars Of The Future

A consortium of automakers Audi, BMW and Daimler have recently announced it is purchasing  Nokia Corp.’s HERE map business — a hugely significant deal as drivers could see this technology  implemented in future driverless cars. The deal values the unit at 2.8 billion euros, which is $4 billion CAD. Nokia said the purchasers will be compensated for HERE liabilities, which amount to around 300 million euros. The Finland-based Nokia sold its mobile phone handset operation to Microsoft and now largely makes equipment for wireless networks. While Audi,…

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Have a safer bike ride with the Garmin Varia Radar series

Riding your bike in Toronto may offer a number of health and environmental benefits, but it can also be a hazardous activity. Whether a street is equipped with or without bike lanes, cyclists can and have been injured (or worse) from failing to see or be signaled by oncoming traffic. Luckily, Garmin has a number of new smart gadgets that can help cyclists have a safer ride and hopefully prevent any accidents from occurring. The Varia rearview bike radar warns cyclists of cars approaching from…

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China's First Ever 3D Printed Car

China Creates Country’s First 3D Printed Car

  China has created the country’s first 3D printed car. This is China’s first ever attempt at a low-cost, 3D-printed moving vehicle. The car is pretty impressive and will definitely come in handy, but it also may be the most hideous vehicle on the face of the Earth. The vehicle was created by Chinese  technology company Sanya Sihai. In total, the process took five days to print the body and one and a half months to build. The extremely unique, traffic-stopping car weighs a minute 500 kilogram,…

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