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Google Patents New Car With Exterior “Glue” People Will Stick To

If there’s one thing that has people worried about the incoming innovation of self-driving cars, it’s the chance for collisions. Yes, whatever technology the manufacturers of autonomous automobiles are using will likely be less fallible than a human being, but it still makes people uneasy to think of a heartless machine turning the wheel of a ton of moving steel. What happens if a driverless car hits an animal, or a person? Will it know to immediately stop, check for injuries, and administer first aid?…

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Ford Is Developing Self-Driving, Night Vision Cars

Ford’s latest fleet of Fusion Hybrids, otherwise known as the Mondeo, is built with some very interesting and groundbreaking technology. Currently being tested at Ford’s Arizona Proving Ground, the new cars are being developed to drive themselves and in complete darkness, reports Car Magazine. Using a Lidar (light detection and ranging) system that can recognize nearby cars, people, or anything else through lasers and sensors, the Fusion Hybrid model can create an image of any object without the need of light. In essence, it’s night…

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Increase In Electric Cars Raises Concerns

Today, it is clear that more and more Canadians are turning to electric cars as an alternative form of transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The CBC reports that Canadian roads are currently home to around 20,000 plug-in vehicles — a figure which is only expected to increase with time. Because provinces have set their own targets to keep emissions low, it is expected that Canadians could be driving alongside over 500,000 more electric cars by 2020. While many are quick to applaud efforts to reduce greenhouse…

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Volvo to Add Large Animal Detection to Cars

If you’ve ever driven through back-country, you know how common it is to hit a moose after dark, and how much damage the huge animals can do to the cars they collide with. It looks like the US Department of Transportation has noticed this danger on home soil, and their National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), along with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IHS), announced last week that automatic emergency braking will come standard on all vehicles by 2022. The emergency braking technology built…

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The Latest Hydrogen-Powered Car Marks A New Leap For Alternative Energy Vehicles

Slowly, but surely, the automotive industry is breaking free of the shackles of fossil fuels. With obvious benefits to the environment, vehicles powered by alternative, and renewable energy sources are also a boon to consumers, as they would no longer need to routinely spend money on increasingly expensive tanks of gas. The major drawback is that “green” cars tend to be quite expensive, like Tesla Motors models. Or, as was previously the case with Honda, alternative energy vehicles don’t stack up to traditional cars when…

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