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How To (Properly) Care For Your Printer So It Always Works

Some may say standard paper printers are an outdated technology, but anyone who runs a small business or the like knows how invaluable having a printer at home can be. But while printers are a great tool to have, they can provide more than a few headaches since they tend to be one of the most finicky types of equipment. But that’s a poor reputation earned more by people who don’t practice proper printer maintenance than by printers themselves. Some folks simply don’t know how…

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Are You Using the Right Ink for Your Printing Needs?

You may think that those little ink cartridges all look the same, but it’s important to use the right ink and printer for your printing needs – that’s especially true if your have your own photography or graphic design business and you want to make sure your prints are uniform and exactly as you envisioned. Whether it’s photos for a client, photos from a family vacation or designs for your portfolio, having the right inkjet printer and ink will ensure that everything prints exactly the…

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