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Three New Canon Cameras To Buy Before Your Next Vacation

Whether you’re going down south, on a European adventure, or skiing for the weekend, you’ll want to preserve your memories. Canon has tons of amazing digital cameras to help you do that. Get the best of the best image quality, functionality and battery life with one of these three new Canon cameras. EOS Rebel T6i With this Canon camera, you’ll get amazing, high-quality images that are super shareable. It also shoots high-resolution video and its sensor keeps everything looking crisp. Canon’s EOS Scene Analysis system…

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Start 2017 With A Mirrorless Camera From Canon

Welcome to 2017! Every New Year brings the feeling of a fresh start where we look to drop old habits and start new ones. While resolutions typically apply to our lifestyle habits, they can also apply to our hobbies and skills. For example, if you’re a photographer, start 2017 by learning how to take pictures with a different type of camera. If you’ve been using a traditional DSLR, take the New Year to test out new, mirrorless DSLR options like the Canon EOS M5. What…

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