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5 Signs You Should Be Buying An Inkjet Printer

Inkjet or laser, that is the question. Sorry to get a little Shakespearian on you, but it’s true, for many looking to buy a printer the choice tends to come down to inkjet or laser varieties. Both printer types have their own advantages and disadvantages, with inkjets better suited for printing tasks that laser printers aren’t, and vice versa. So to help you choose between the two, below you’ll find five signs that you should probably invest in an inkjet printer. If none apply to…

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Two Great Deals on Canon Inkjet Printers

These days, most people stick to posting and looking at images on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Sadly, it is way less common to pass around physical photos or make physical photo albums. If that fact saddens you, and you want to break free from the social media-obsessed crowd, it’s time for you to start printing your photos and share them the classic way – on an inkjet printer. Lucky for you, Canon still has two great deals on their high-quality, PIXMA inkjet printers. Can’t decide…

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Upgrade Your Photography With A Canon Inkjet Printer

Amateur and professional photographers and graphic designers should consider adding a Canon inkjet printer in their arsenal of tools. Owning your own printer for your photos and designs will allow you to cut costs on printing and will give you the opportunity to show your clients prints as soon as possible. If you don’t own your own printer yet, take a look at Canon’s newest inkjet printer, the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, to see all the amazing new features Canon has rolled out. This printer has a wider…

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Canon’s PIXMA Printers Transform Your DSLR Shots

It used to be that you would take photos on your camera and then take the roll of film into a Black’s photo lab or a one-hour photo booth in a Wal-Mart or something. Then you would get your photos back in printed form and in whatever size you specified and voila – physical copies of your photos that you can frame or stick on the fridge or what have you. Nowadays, consumer-grade cameras are all digital, meaning that you can immediately upload your photos…

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