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Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Your Smartphone To Take Great Pictures

Nowadays, a phone isn’t merely a “phone,” it’s a device that encapsulates the many features of other devices. And while no one should discredit the convenience a modern smartphone, as it is capable of condensing many apps and functions into one interface, there is one aspect of a smartphone that all too many find to be a selling point: the camera. The cameras found in cellular phones have increased in quality by veritable leaps and bounds, there is no denying that fact. But what many…

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Create Stunning Photos with the Newest Canon EOS Camera

Canon’s EOS camera line is best known for providing high-quality images with an easy-to-use system that’s helpful to both professional and burgeoning photographers. The newest camera in the series, the EOS 70D, provides even more picture-taking capabilities and creative freedom than its predecessors so you can increase your photography and film shooting skills whether you’re a veteran or new to the game. The EOS 70D is considered a trailblazing powerhouse in the Canon EOS collection thanks to its Dual Pixel CMOS Auto-Focus (AF). This unique Canon…

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Grab a Canon EOS Camera to Become a Photography Wizard

Anybody can be a photographer these days. Most of us carry cameras with us everywhere – thanks to our smartphones – and we snap pictures on the fly and post them to Instagram or Facebook like it’s no big deal. But if you want to take your photo game to the next level and create images that stand out from the rest, you’ll probably want to check out Canon’s line of EOS cameras. Obviously Canon has been a leader in photography for quite some time…

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Canon’s EOS Series is the One to Beat

You want to buy a new camera for personal use, but there are so many options out there that you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry; this is a common problem. Cameras have come a long way, even in just the last decade, and anyone has access to the proper kind of equipment to create professional looking photographs and video. But again, all of this technology can be overwhelming. So where do you start? Canon has historically been the top of the line for…

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