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How To Master Your New Canon Camera Through The Henry’s Learning Lab

Getting into photography isn’t as easy as simply buying a camera. Yes, that is an essential element, but just because you’ve purchased a new digital camera doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll know how to use it. Let’s say you bought a new top-of-the-line Canon camera. You may be able to point and click to take photos, of course, but you probably won’t know how to use half of the camera’s features and functions if you’re new to photography. The intricacies of digital photography, the methods, and…

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Three High-Performing Lenses That Will Change The Way You Shoot

Do you have a great camera, but feel like it needs a little refresh? Or are you interested in capturing images in a new and exciting way, but don’t want to invest in a whole new camera? Changing up the lens on your camera body can be a great way to solve either of these problems, and right now, it’s relatively inexpensive. Here are three high-performing Canon lenses that will change the way you shoot. Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM, $1,749.99 This wide-angle lens…

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Protect Your Camera From Winter With A Canon Camera Bag

With winter already around the corner, it is pertinent to protect your Canon gear from getting damaged in the season’s harsh weather conditions. Canon provides both the cameras you’re looking for to continue shooting throughout the winter, and the bags you’ll want to protect them. For just $59.99 at Henry’s Camera Store, The Canon 800 SR (M) DSLR Bag can be trusted to keep your gear safe from snow and rain. This black and red medium DSLR bag will hold 1 camera body, as well as…

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Master Portrait And Fashion Photography With “Portrait Perfect”

No matter how much experience you get, there is always more to learn on how to capture the perfect shot — whether it be through friends and fellow photographers, or more formally structured photography courses. Even renowned photographers continually strive to expand their knowledge of photography and enhance their craft and are constantly learning from their peers and picking up new ideas throughout their careers. From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on September 12th, experienced and amateur photographers alike can pick up new tips and tricks at “Portrait…

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Aspiring Photographers: Forget Followers, Gain Exposure With Henry’s Feature Contest

Even in the digital age, where social media platforms like Tumblr, DeviantArt, and Flickr are all available to artists looking to promote their work, it can still be quite the struggle to actually have your art seen. Such channels are over-saturated with artwork of every form, including photography, and your work may get lost in the ever-growing pool of work. Some modern photographers have seen large amounts of success by using social media artist platforms, but many have experienced the difficulties in enacting the overly-simplified…

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Your Photos of Canada Can Win You Photography Gear

Canada may be the nation with the most varied landscapes, and I’m not trying to be be hyperbolic in the slightest. From the small isles of the maritimes, to the urban epicenters of Toronto & Montreal, to the vast expanses of flat lands known as the prairies, all the way to the Rockies, Canada has a lot to offer the eye. Professional and amateur photographers alike can snap an near endless amount of photos of Canada, snapping the nation’s numerous locales, attractions, and natural settings.…

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