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Canadian Government Looking To Help Tech Entrepreneurs

It’s a question that all budding tech entrepreneurs have in the back of their minds: how can a small tech startup eventually become a dominating presence in the industry? This is what the federal government is currently studying. Helping the country’s tech startups become globally successful businesses would offer an invaluable boost to the Canadian economy. A fall report produced by the economic think-tank, Centre for Digital Entrepreneurship and Economic Performance, found that tech startups pose a number of present and future benefits. Not only could these companies…

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Colourful Photos Of Canada Can Win You A New Camera

There is more than just warm weather that signifies the arrival of summer. People are out and about, bugs fly through the air, flowers and green are seen everywhere, creating an abundance of colour unseen since winter started. When nature gets bright and vivid, so does fashion, as Summer wear pops with lively colours and shades, adding to the many rainbows you can see just about anywhere you look during the Canadian summer. Animals, plants, and people alike have dealt with the drab cold for…

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Your Photos of Canada Can Win You Photography Gear

Canada may be the nation with the most varied landscapes, and I’m not trying to be be hyperbolic in the slightest. From the small isles of the maritimes, to the urban epicenters of Toronto & Montreal, to the vast expanses of flat lands known as the prairies, all the way to the Rockies, Canada has a lot to offer the eye. Professional and amateur photographers alike can snap an near endless amount of photos of Canada, snapping the nation’s numerous locales, attractions, and natural settings.…

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Chilly Winnipeg Hosts Warming Hut Design Competition

{{unknown}}Winnipeg, Manitoba is one of the colder cities on Earth, but that doesn’t stop residents from getting outdoors to enjoy the winter months. The Red River freezes over and becomes the “world’s longest skating rink” for the winter months providing residents and visitors four miles of ice to skate on. Curling, hockey and broom ball are all played atop the massive skating rink, but with temperatures averaging around -10°C as the high for the winter months, warming huts are needed to give people a break…

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