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Google's new app with BMW will allow shoppers to see life-size images of vehicles.

Google To Incorporate Virtual Reality Into Shopping

{{unknown}}For years, e-commerce has been all the rage — you’d be hard-pressed to find retailers who don’t make their products available online. However, there remain inherent drawbacks of online shopping, as opposed to visiting a bricks-and-mortar retail location. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what you’re actually purchasing — even with established retailers. We’ve all had times when we’ve ordered a product online, only to find ourselves disappointed once we see the item in person. But now, Google just gave online shoppers a new reason to rejoice.…

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Nokia HERE Maps Could Be Used In The Driver-less Cars Of The Future

A consortium of automakers Audi, BMW and Daimler have recently announced it is purchasing  Nokia Corp.’s HERE map business — a hugely significant deal as drivers could see this technology  implemented in future driverless cars. The deal values the unit at 2.8 billion euros, which is $4 billion CAD. Nokia said the purchasers will be compensated for HERE liabilities, which amount to around 300 million euros. The Finland-based Nokia sold its mobile phone handset operation to Microsoft and now largely makes equipment for wireless networks. While Audi,…

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BMW and Samsung prove remote controlled cars are a reality

In the James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, gadget master Q gives Pierce Brosnan’s Bond a new BMW that can be controlled remotely by his sleek new cell phone (sleek for the year 1997, that is). This leads to an action sequence where he directs the car from his hotel room to pick him up by the parking garage entrance and then drives it while crouched down in the backseat to avoid getting hit with enemy gunfire. Apparently, this may become a reality someday (the…

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BMW Has A New Way To Charge Electric Cars

Electric cars are one of the most widely discussed products when it comes to making our energy consumption more sustainable. But the inconvenience of finding a place to charge an electric car remains. BMW is researching a solution that could make the task of juicing up an electric car far easier, and without creating new infrastructure. They want to combine the charging docks with another electricity-powered, already present element on our roads: lampposts. The two prototypes that BMW has two LED lamppost prototypes that also…

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