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Blair Witch Takes A High-Tech Approach To A Terrifying Story

When The Blair Witch Project was released in the summer of 1999, it became a global phenomenon, fuelled by a clever and revolutionary early Internet marketing campaign that aimed to make audiences believe the events in the film were actually real. While this fake out was quickly uncovered, the movie still racked up millions at the box office due to the novel approach and the fact that it was a truly scary ride. This past weekend’s release of the newest installment, Blair Witch, dares you to…

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Stay Secure With Noke Bluetooth Locks

If you’ve ever had problems remembering the combination for your lock or if you constantly misplace your keys, then take a look at the Noke Bluetooth series of locks. These locks don’t need combinations or keys because they’re powered by Bluetooth 4.0 technology. All you need is your smartphone to unlock it. There are different models that you can purchased based on your needs. Noke makes padlocks and u-locks and also has an enterprise order option to help business manage fleets. The Noke Bluetooth locks are…

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German KFCs Added Keyboards to Their Trays

For a whole week in Germany, KFC traded lining their food trays with the usual paper liners for something a little more interesting – disposable Bluetooth keyboards. The company decided to upgrade the ordinary, boring paper trays with a keyboard that is durable, super thin, wireless and even re-chargeable, which they call the “KFC tray typer.” Before German customers dug in to their fried chicken, they were encouraged to sync their phones to these keyboards via Bluetooth, and were then able to continue communicating via their…

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