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Measure Body Metrics and Play Music With Aware Earphones

The next generation of ear bud technology is here with an exciting innovation: Aware earphones. By using the latest technology, United Sciences is able to design custom earphones that fit a wearer’s ears perfectly and lock into place – even the most vigorous activity won’t dislodge them. These earphones are also able to capture biometric data like brainwaves, heart rate, steps, distance travelled, and calories burned while you listen to music. United Sciences uses the eFit 3D scanner to precisely measure your ear. The ring laser scanner has…

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6 Newly Designed Ant-Like “Microrobots” Can Move An Entire Car

Teamwork is a powerful force, and no technological innovation proves that sentiment true than the newly created “microrobots” capable of pulling a 3,900-pound car together, but never alone. Designed by a team of researchers from the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory at Stanford University, the “microTug” robots, as they have been dubbed, weigh in at a mere 3.5 ounces each but can move incredible weights. Modelled after the motions and practices utilized by ants and other natural organisms (aka “biomimicry”), the microrobots work as a…

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Chase Bank Customers Could Use Hand Scanning ATM Machines in the Future

These Chase Bank hand scanning ATMs seem like something that you would see on Star Trek, but they are just around the corner for Chase Bank customers. The new ATMs are being called banking kiosks, and they will offer all the features of an ATM, plus some new ones. Chase Bank is preparing biometric scanning devices so that only your hand can access your bank account. The new security technology could be the end of those pesky PIN numbers forever. These high-tech banking kiosks will…

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