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Car And Bicycle Technology Fuse Together In The PodRide

The war between bikes and cars is still a very real one in many cities in North America. Bike lanes may be popping up more and more but that doesn’t mean that drivers know or care how to properly share the road. And when cyclists dip and weave in around traffic or run through lights and stop signs, they’re putting themselves in serious danger. Can’t we all just get along on the road? Now, a Swedish design engineer named Mikael Kjellman has created a prototype…

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The BluLocks Bicycle Provides Added Security From Thieves

Biking is a fun and great way to stay fit. It’s also a handy way to get around, especially if you live in an urban area. But then you always have to worry about leaving your bicycle unattended in case some jerk comes along and steals it. Sure, you get a bike lock and fasten your bike to something immovable but if someone was so inclined, that lock could be dealt with in one swift slice of a pair of bolt cutters. What can I…

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Never Lose Your Belongings Again Thanks To The TrackerPad

If you have a tendency for losing important belongings, like your wallet or keys, you can now rest easy with the TrackerPad. This little pad is a GPS system that you can attach to things that are too important to lose. The TrackerPad has a flexible case and an adhesive on the back so you can stick it to what you’d like to keep tabs on, whether it’s your wallet, your bike, your keys or your car. The TrackerPad has a pre-paid SIM built into…

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Have a safer bike ride with the Garmin Varia Radar series

Riding your bike in Toronto may offer a number of health and environmental benefits, but it can also be a hazardous activity. Whether a street is equipped with or without bike lanes, cyclists can and have been injured (or worse) from failing to see or be signaled by oncoming traffic. Luckily, Garmin has a number of new smart gadgets that can help cyclists have a safer ride and hopefully prevent any accidents from occurring. The Varia rearview bike radar warns cyclists of cars approaching from…

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Virtual Reality Docking System

Virtual Reality System Brings Home Cycling To The Streets

  Your bike ride and spin class are going to be changed forever thanks to virtual reality. An Italy-based team has developed a new innovative product that combines the Oculus Rift with a responsive bike.  The result is a  cycling machine that allows you to ride in a variety of different environments and terrains, while never actually leaving your home. The options range from midtown Manhattan to a secluded mountain path to even the streets of Tokyo. The best feature of the entire product is known as Widerun. Widerun…

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New Universal Handlebar Smartphone Mount

If you’re an avid bike rider, you’ll definitely want to check out this new gadget to add to your biking gear. Manufactured in Austria, the Finn is a universal smartphone mount that attaches your phone to your handlebars for a quick and easy access to a map or listening to music for your ride. This device is created to work with every smartphone and handlebars, so you won’t run into any compatibility issues. Finn is a high quality silicone band that wraps around your handlebars and stretches…

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Innovative bicycle “Denny” wins bike design competition

  Meet Denny, the innovative bicycle that recently won the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition. The competition featured design firms paired with bicycle builders from five different American cities. Out of all five teams, design firm Teague and bicycle manufacturer Taylor Sizemore took home the top prize with “Denny.” Teams were tasked with addressing 4 issues for cyclists: theft, riding in rainy conditions, navigating traffic and carrying cargo. With an array of useful technologies, Denny is able to address each one of these issues. To…

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The Fastest Bike In The World Competiton

You might not have known this, but a team of Canadian graduates from U of T are attempting to achieve a bicycle breakthrough by  beating the land speed record for creation of a human-powered vehicle.

The Toronto based team AeroVelo  is currently working on a bicycle that can go faster than the current world record of 133.8 km/h. Aerovelo’s first bike, Bluenose, hit a speed of 125 kilometres per hour in competition at Battle Mountain, Nevada, last year.

AeroVelo, is well known for making the first practical human-powered helicopter last year, winning a $250,000 prize that for 33 years went unclaimed.

The new bike “Eta” (a Greek word for efficiency) is set to beat out the current record holder – a Dutch team  who set the record at the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge last fall.

Want to help AeroVelo take the top spot? Check this fundraising video out:

Photo Source: cbc.ca (Tom Amick/Aerovelo)