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“Nuclear Powered Diamonds” May Be The Batteries Of The Future

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so saying goes. But ladies may need to open up their friendship with diamonds, because the hardest substance on Earth has found a new use beyond beautiful jewelry: batteries. Yes, diamonds may become the batteries of the future thanks to an innovative new process created by chemists working out of the University of Bristol. And no, this isn’t a way to create the world’s most expensive Duracell. The process begins with nuclear waste and a particular “low-yield beta…

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New Nanowire Technology Could Mean Everlasting Batteries

As you drain and recharge a li-ion battery, over and over, the battery slowly deteriorates. Thanks to researchers at the University of California, Irvine, that might no longer be a problem. They developed a new kind of nano-wire battery that is maintained through hundreds of thousands of charges. It’s the lithium in li-ion batteries that causes the problem, because it gets deposited on the electrodes in the batteries, and can’t be removed. The build up of lithium is called dendrites, and it’s what makes the…

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Extend The Life Of Batteries By 80% With Batteriser

Here’s a frustrating moment everyone is all too familiar with: you’re watching TV, flipping channels, when suddenly the continuous stream of changing channels is abruptly stopped. You click on the remote once, twice, three times, and now you’re completely defeated, because you’ve realized the batteries are dead…and you don’t know if you have any laying around the house. What could turn into a disastrous event where you need to take the batteries out of your old school GameBoy (or God forbid manually change the channel)…

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