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World’s First ATM That Can Recognize Your Face

For years, the only line of defense against someone accessing the entirety of your bank account and all of your savings has been a simple 4-digit PIN. Armed with your bank card and this tiny piece of information, anyone could go to an ATM, access your funds, and leave you in a very unfortunate financial situation. China has found an answer to this prevalent bank-safety issue, with an ATM that utilizes facial recognition. The first of its kind in the world, the independently-made ATM developed…

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Acorns Is The Must-Have Investment App For Millennials

When you want more money, a logical way is saving it. That’s the mantra of our generation. Rather than putting money into investments, Millennials are much more frugal, preferring to hold onto their cash and see it grow for themselves. Investments are a complex, ephemeral, and risky form of money making most of us don’t understand, so we don’t participate. Now we can, with the comfort and ease provided by a smartphone app. Acorns turns the complicated method of investing into an incredibly simple process. Dubbed “the…

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Chase Bank Customers Could Use Hand Scanning ATM Machines in the Future

These Chase Bank hand scanning ATMs seem like something that you would see on Star Trek, but they are just around the corner for Chase Bank customers. The new ATMs are being called banking kiosks, and they will offer all the features of an ATM, plus some new ones. Chase Bank is preparing biometric scanning devices so that only your hand can access your bank account. The new security technology could be the end of those pesky PIN numbers forever. These high-tech banking kiosks will…

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