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Know When A Baby Stops Breathing With This New Smart Monitor

It’s often hard to spot movement on a fuzzy live feed from baby cameras. That’s something that matters a lot when movement is all you have to remind you that your child is still breathing. Enter First Alert’s Envirocam, a smart monitor that keeps track of a baby’s breathing. Sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, is a growing concern for parents because there is a lot of information about the syndrome we still don’t have. Although the Envirocam smart monitor won’t prevent SIDS, the ability…

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Wi-Fi Baby Monitor To Ease New Parent Jitters

It’s not a necessarily new invention, but it’s one of the best developments I’ve seen in baby monitor technology. If you are due to have your first baby this spring, consider purchasing the D-Link HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera. Wi-Fi baby monitors are popping up everywhere but this one in particular has all the features you need. My favourite tidbit about this device is the two-way communication with your baby. If you hear you child crying and your soothing voice is all they need to return…

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