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Are We Closer To An Autonomous Taxi?

Are you tired of what seems like the never-ending fight between the people we pay to drive us around cities? Well, a Chinese company called EHang is making an attempt to rid us of the human interaction we must face when we need a ride. EHang’s new autonomous vehicle is called the 184, it weighs in at 440 pounds, and its estimated cost is between $300,000 and $400,000. The company says they’d like to have it on the market within the next three to four…

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Flying Car Could Come Sooner Than We Think

Most of us would probably consider flying cars to be something from a science fiction movie — a far removed thing of the future. But these naysayers don’t include Terrafugia Inc, the company from Woburn, Massachusetts that has been developing flying car designs for ten years. While their TF-X is still a concept, Terrafugia’s chief executive Carl Dietrich believes the machine can be built with today’s off-the-shelf technology. New technological developments support his claim, as recent news with self-driving cars show a trend towards automation that’s likely to…

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