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Debate Ensues On Self-Driving Cars And Road Safety

Does safe driving always mean following all of the rules of the road? In theory, driverless cars — such as those designed by Google — are made to be consistently cautious. But in practice, it’s not always clear if following rules to the T is the safest bet. The New York Times has recently reported that driverless cars’ meticulous adherence to road safety is causing problems: they aren’t built to factor in the spontaneity and context-based decisions made by other h uman drivers. One can envision countless scenarios in…

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Flying Car Could Come Sooner Than We Think

Most of us would probably consider flying cars to be something from a science fiction movie — a far removed thing of the future. But these naysayers don’t include Terrafugia Inc, the company from Woburn, Massachusetts that has been developing flying car designs for ten years. While their TF-X is still a concept, Terrafugia’s chief executive Carl Dietrich believes the machine can be built with today’s off-the-shelf technology. New technological developments support his claim, as recent news with self-driving cars show a trend towards automation that’s likely to…

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