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The Best Of Cloud Computing For 2017

There’s no denying that cloud computing is the way of the future. Many businesses, whether small or large, rely on cloud services to manage storage, data, and various other operations. Transferring these things offsite is a great way for businesses or individuals to streamline their lives. But with so many different companies out there offering cloud services, how do you know which one to choose? Since this involves putting important private data into the hands of others to manage, choosing the right provider can be…

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Amazon Go Is Coming And It Looks Pretty Amazing

Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, has been long-rumoured to be revolutionizing the way we grocery shop. That rumour is now a reality with the announcement of Amazon Go, their grocery store that is check out-free. Instead of waiting in a long, frustrating line, you tap your phone on the way in, pick what you want, and walk out. Payment is processed through your Amazon account, linked through your phone. It is seamless and seems like a total dream. See below:   The…

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Amazon Dash Replenishment System Reorders Household Products For You

How many times have you forgotten to pick up toothpaste or hand soap when you’re at the store? The Amazon Dash Replenishment program was created to help keep your household supplies stocked and ready to go without the hassle. The Amazon Dash Replenishment program was first announced in January of this year. It builds on the company’s Dash button program, which is a one-touch ordering service that allows users to reorder an item online with the touch of a button. You can program the buttons…

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Amazon Patents Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones That May Save Lives

When you’re listening to your tunes, you don’t want background noise to muddle up the listening experience. Cars, people, subways, and more all tend to creep into the melody of your favourite song when you have your headphones on, which is why noise-cancelling headphones have become so popular. Capable of blocking out all sounds that aren’t coming from your music-playing device, noise-cancelling headphones are arguably a must-have for any music-lover living in a city or noisy environment. But there is a catch the unadulterated playback noise-cancelling…

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Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis Is Finally Here

For those of you who read our post from last week, Amazon’s new Kindle has hit the market. Called the Oasis, it’s being described as “the thinnest and brightest Kindle yet”. This Kindle is made for easy, comfortable reading, which makes it a must-have for all readers who love to read in bed. The Oasis is designed with a handgrip on one side to make it easier to hold. The handgrip also includes 2 buttons that you can use to turn the page, instead of…

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Get Ready for the New Amazon Kindle

There’s about to be a new e-reader in the game! Amazon recently announced its plans to release a new Kindle next week to users. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, stated that this eight-generation Kindle will be an “all-new, top of the line” e-reader device. However, this new device is only “almost ready” and little information is available about it. Information on pricing and availability apparently won’t be released until the device hits the market next week. That being said, we do know a few things…

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Amazon Dash Simplifies Shopping with the Push of a Button

{{unknown}}Earlier this year, we wrote how Amazon was developing a one-touch button that provided a simple way to order common household items, ensuring that you never ran out of these products again. Well, now Amazon has finally released the first batch of these new Dash Buttons exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Individuals will no longer have to worry if they are running low on laundry detergent, Gatorade, macaroni & cheese and many other common household items. Now, all you have to do is simply place…

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Never Run Out of Coffee Again with Amazon’s Dash Button

Amazon has made life easier by giving customers the ability to have almost anything delivered right to their door just a day or so after ordering it. The company isn’t satisfied with that level of convenience though. Amazon’s new Dash Button in conjunction with the Dash Replacement Service is a one-touch way to order common household goods so that you never run out again. The Dash Button is an oval shaped button that is about as long as a toothpick. Its designed to be placed…

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