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This Japanese “Virtual Girlfriend” Is Inventively Creepy

If you’re a fan of adult-comedy cartoon Archer, then you’ve no doubt laughed at (and been creeped out by) Krieger’s strange romance with Mitsuko Miyazumi. For those who don’t know the show, what makes the relationship both creepy and hilarious is the fact that Krieger is a living, breathing male whereas Mitsuko is a holographic virtual girlfriend that looks like an anime character. In the context of a rather off-the-wall and crude cartoon, the idea of a man pursuing a romance with a hologram makes…

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Google Robot Apocalypse - Big Red Button

Google Creates “Big Red Button” To Prevent The Robot Apocalypse

Is the robot apocalypse coming soon? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean researchers aren’t already creating safeguards against what some believe is the inevitable face-off between humans and artificial intelligence. And somewhat indirectly, mega-corporation, Google, is establishing humanity’s first line of defence with an AI “kill switch” that will effectively terminate any Terminator-like situation from ever occurring. British AI company, DeepMind, which was purchased by Google in 2014 on the contingency that the the corporation create an “AI ethics board” to monitor all company-made advancements in…

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Super Mario Characters Able To Play Levels On Their Own

I’m not a big video game guy or anything but I’ve always had an immense fondness for Super Mario World. Actually, let me rephrase – Super Mario World is the best video game ever made. When I was a kid, I played through the entire game multiple times, never losing interest. It was just such a wonderfully creative landscape that was so easy to get lost in. Mario and Luigi and Yoshi and everyone else weren’t just characters to me – they were like real…

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